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Reviews for "Dark Side Switch Campaign"

"it's just boss"

hahahaha, I'm sorry, maybe I heard incorrectly, but did Anakin Skywalker just say "boss?" GREAT concept! I watched 4-5 times in a row and was cracking up forever. It doesn't hurt that I'm an apple user AND I like Star Wars. This is one that is getting a looooot of publicity from me. KEEP IT UP!

I can't type lol big enough people

oh my.. I have tears running down my cheek from laughing so hard. That was just grand. And the fact that all it took basically was a simple little idea that was what makes these animations incredable. Awesome work. I'm starting a little campain to get as many people to vote 5 for this and make sure it stays on the top with the rest of the revolutionary concepts.

i loved it

i loved that!! but it was too short, it need more.. and it should of had a background.

This is good... verrry goooood

This movie kicks ass! Really, you should make some form like Harry Potter and site

Great movie and really short download time.

Just a great movie, a little short but it was really good. Nice work keep it up.