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Reviews for "Mob Vs Tetsuo"

fantastic work and what a twist. like seriously, I did not see that coming.
tetsuo would have destroyed mob.

Animation is amazing but Mob wouldnt act like that in a fight. That's the only thing that bothered me.

I admit to not really liking this that much at first, but it got much better. It's mostly because of how the action gets better. I do think this is too short. I still appreciate how it's pretty unique. I don't know who Mob is. I wasn't expecting Marge to appear!

It does it work pretty well for itself. This is ranked as one of the best cartoons of all time here! How can you think it's stupid?! Well, it's not personally one of mine. It could use color.

Dynamic & Tasty

Good animation

You have some good animation here very nice work here I like the flow of the animation very smooth there throwing in some special effects especially on the action scenes but you have a good film here as it was pretty nifty and I enjoyed the little story going on here but I have to say this was a good film so keep that up

More special effects or flashy effects that jump out at you more on some of the more action scenes