Reviews for "Sea Boom"

Its a very awesome game, I mainly like the gameplay where you have to plan your steps with careful timing.

Really like it with the use of different obstacles and really like the art.

Good game. Nothing original about it. Nonetheless, it's still fun to play!

I really did like this. I admit that it's not great, but I thought the idea was quite original. It wasn't too hard either. It didn't matter if it got too easy, because there were so many levels. I wasn't expecting this to be that big. I guess the medals made me think otherwise.

I like the music. It's all bubbly and suits the game. I really have never played a game with this exact premise. It's more unique than I thought. The drawings were good too.

Well this was nice

You have a fun game here with some "INTERESTING" gameplay it respondd well with some nifty elements here It was sort of addicting, the gameplay and understanding of the game was fun and easy to learn the medals make it even more fun you have some nice efforts here.

Its a solid game no need.