Reviews for "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

It is much scarier than the previous game, I see alot of improvement sure... I liked the sound effects and the creepy ambiance, you sure really worked hard on this one, and since it is awesome I'm getting it on mobile too, I really recommend this game for pointnclick games fans and horror ones... It's pretty rare to find games that are pointnclick and at the same time scary anyways keep making more games like this I really love them, wish you luck in your work.

Wow i love it, haha but i hate the marbles it were a lot

This game isn't illogical, all hints are in place but trying to solve puzzles without perceiving the hints first could make it seem unfair. It's fairly easy, just pay attention to what you are seeing or not seeing.

Great game but I really needed the walk-through or I never would have been able to associate the tougher puzzles with the clues provided- ex: the clock puzzle. Very challenging though, I appreciate that you don't compromise complexity to save player's time because it was interesting enough not to be frustrating and kept me playing to the end.

I've only started to play the game series recently and well, I really enjoy it! Graphics and art style are beautiful and appealing in a flash game way (no offense its wonderful!) The story is intriguing and keeps you wanting more to assure you as the protagonist is safe! Granted I'm not very good at point and clicks but its just a superb series!