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Reviews for "Missing Screw"

Thanks, that was actually pretty entertaining. I started off thinking it was blam fodder, but then as it went it got better and better. Don't think it would be as funny if anything was changed about it, it all seemed to add together just right.

BadCookieDough responds:

Thanks a lot! that's actually EXACTLY what we were going for, tho next time we'll try to make first scenes a little better too haha :D

absolutely brilliant!

BadCookieDough responds:

Thanks for the kind words!
btw - gotta check out your new game in upcoming days, if it's anything like Adventure Quest I gotta feeling I'll really enjoy it! haha :D

Awesome job! This turned out even better than I though, keep up the great work!

BadCookieDough responds:

Thanks man!
Was really curious how you gonna like the end result! Thanks again for working with us on this one, much, MUCH love <3 :D

hahah the fuckin sudoku on the Asian man's torso

Good job. Well written. Audio is really clean and the lip syncing is on point.

BadCookieDough responds:

Thanks, glad to hear you like it! :D