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Reviews for "Spank the bitch!"

Ain't no N**ga Like The One I got!

Graphics were a plus,I wasnt to fond of the ending,mainly because i was eating at the time. But it actually made me a little tingly inside.......I think strange shorts is an understatment. this submission should have it's own catagory.


WELL DONE but just like muzik said very weird site what is that russina.ukrainian weel watevr good flash tho

The best game on the site.

I loved this game make a lot more of them. Keep em cumming.

CumCumCumCum 8:::::::::>-------0-;

Cum 8:::::::::::::::>-------0-;

this was cool

PLEASE MAKE MORE i loved it...make more ways and different girls and different tools etc etc MAKE MORE!!!!