Reviews for "Tree House Quest"

Simple yet a great game with different types of game play. RPG,Stealth and treasure hunting.

I really can't believe games of this quality can be made in 72hours. I mean with this game design if you add random encounters, make the monster locations tall grass you could expand and create random map areas. Then it could easily be on of the first few pokemon games. That or giving him a sword and this could be final fantasy. Game designs that used to take years can now be done in 72hours. I'm blown away and I'm really looking forward to the games you make in the future that you actually take your time on.

incredible work

So I was brought to this game after playing Back Home, also developed by paraple-geek. When the game finished loading I was not surprised to see outstanding colors, and well done controles (my favorite bit was how you show the player to use the yoyo with a cutscene, not a tutorial). In all this was a fun game. Thank you paraple-geek and SentsuFR for making a good looking, fun game.

paraple-geek responds:

Thank you very much for your comments, it makes the whole team very happy !

For what it was I really liked it, it was cute. thank you for making it. Great Job