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Reviews for "Mission Escape: Library"

who knew you had to divide 7 by 16? but great game btw

I appreciate you added medals to your games once again. As for the scoreboard, you should probably award points (some value divided by time), not directly the time, because then the lazy, slow-witted players like me show right at the top. :)
And I liked the game, too. The puzzles were diverse, and while usually after getting three pieces of something your games end, here there was still an underground level to go through. Apparently the Tab button is blocked now, which is only fair, so we are not tempted to cheat every now and then.

My minor complaint would be about the bookshelves; the background ones look all the same and the front ones are just flipped, which is quite noticeable and breaks the immersion a bit (perhaps recolouring the covers of few books might help). I am also not really sure what I am looking at when zooming in to the green couch. Is it the armrest? Perhaps, either way two green rectangles might be too simplistic to depict a part of a couch. But that's okay, it's not really that important for the gameplay.

Very cool, this is one of the better ones you've done lately. The puzzles were good, some new, and the length was ideal for an escape game. Good Show.

selfdefiant responds:


I generally enjoy these simple escape games, but have a question: WHY is the player ALWAYS a "super spy" on some "secret mission"?

selfdefiant responds:

Who wouldn't want to be a super spy on a secret mission?