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Reviews for "Mission Escape: Library"

Old ook instead of old book found the seplling error.

Not a bad game. Your game's are usually a little on the short side, but this one was a bit longer than normal. I enjoyed it for the most part, though I didn't notice the key for a very long time. Everything else was pretty simple for me.

Well, this turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. At first, I thought it would be easy to figure out the first puzzle. The word "Sonet" was right there in front of me. It turned out to be an anagram for "Stone". How was I supposed to know that? I can still appreciate how hard it is.

That's as much as I'll reveal. I guess the animation was fine. It was just nothing that interesting. A library is a pretty interesting setting. I never knew you could find a lighter there.

ok SD you totally get me this time, tried NOTES, tried TONES, and sonet itself, in the end was .....(i feel idiotic but whatever) and i have to use the walktru this only time since eigth games or so, this game have the correct leght, also is very fun to play and simply resolve the puzzles, keep the good work, and thanks for the brainheater haha.

I failed math + my computer's calculator isn't working rip. Had to use google's.
Nice escape eitherway, but did you know that SONET is actually a theme to represent synchronous optical networking? Which somehow confused me at that part where I didn't knew I had to rewrite the words.