Reviews for "Code Red"

i love this game

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

Good game. But I hate the controls. Especially because the game is so finicky about its platforming. I really wish I could map the WASD to the arrow keys.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Hey there! Thanks for your feedback! Tomorrow I'll be polishing a little bit the game, probably implementing arrow keys as an option for those who don't want to use WASD and polishing the grab system!

The game is great. Music is good, story is good, theme is good, art is good. The only thing I think that lets it down is the difficulty. The lack of checkpoints and the large groups of enemies make it unbearably difficult. With the lack of checkpoints, dying and starting again feels more of a chore and it gets really repetitive.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Hey guys I just notified my programmer and he will be implementing the checkpoints today! stay tuned for the update.

Pretty good game. Simple concept with an interesting little plot.
The only real problem I had was with the controls; specifically, the dynamic of grabbing onto and jumping away from the walls. That could be a little more refined, as its "stickiness" led to a lot of my deaths, especially when trying to move up past wall turrets. Other than that, I don't have any real complaints.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Pretty fair feedback, we're glad you had a good time playing the game! Glad you found the plot interesting

Definitely a nice game, especially if it's a game Jam product.

I don't think it's intended, but you can actually finish the game without killing anyone, which is a fun thing to allow in this type of game.
I suspect it's even possible to do it without breaking turrets
I liked the not-too-in-depth story. I think it speaks for itself pretty well.
not sure if people are busting the door open or if the whole place is exploding at the end though.

Controling your moves mid-air, especially during wall jump is kinda hard (actually i couldn't pull the wall grabbing mechanic in an easy and consistent manner, probably because of the required press on UP)
I don't really know of there is a fixed pattern in the attack rythm of ennemies, i really liked their IA even if basic (they can stop when they see you, waiting for you to come) but i sometimes felt shooting ennemies were shooting instantly when jumping right in front of them and i had no time to react.
against hordes of ennemies i could either mash the jump and get out without a scratch, or get kicked to death in an instant. this lead to strategies where i might just go full retard die and retry until i get no damage.
Lastly I didn't understand that the white squares were your health, it took me a few deaths to realize it, it could be clearer.

Hope the critics help you improve in any possible way, should it be this game or another
Really cool, and keep up the great work

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks a lot for the fair feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game, programmer added some hotfixes for movement and climbing, and in some situations the scream is the best way to go (With big groups), really sorry if some issues bothered you like health not being so clear :).