Reviews for "Code Red"

An incredible game but not having where to save games or checkpoints makes it very boring and repetitive being for more than 5 minutes avoiding shots and having to start over.

No my friend no

At the beginning I said woo the game of the week incredible then I die and I say ah again start okay I put it on then I'm careful almost 5-7 minutes trying not to die and I never found a checkpoint.
I can not enjoy something like that

-the art is very good, I always like games so bloody

The music is perfect

- the controls work very well

- the storyline is very little but it is understood very well and the beginning is incredible

But I like to be honest with my reviews and I can not recommend a game without checkpoints. Someone can complete the game? I think everyone will say it's an incredible game but if you can not finish a game how can you say how good it was?

i really want 4/5
but i cant

Score 2.5/5

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks a lot for the very elaborated review, we really had no issues with the lack of checkpoints till now with the game being in Newgrounds, we'll consider it. We are really thankful for praising the game even with the lack of checkpoints, although it's only 2 levels short I guess it can get really hard. We've done our best in the little time we had to make this game for the Jam!

The purpose of checkpoints is not to make things easier, but to let players jump into action immediately, not having to repeat the earlier easier areas. The purpose of checkpoints is to make games less grindy.

And all this frustration, I don't think it's worth my time. The story is near non-existent, and I just don't know why I have to put up with this.