Reviews for "Code Red"

I really liked the game, but it has a lot of bug that makes it impossible to play (eg: being stuck in the air while jumping etc.)

VeryEvilTomato responds:

It's the first time someone talks about such a bug like this, can you please explain where did it trigger through a PM? Please

brock lesnar simulator

It looks good, it's fun, it's pretty well balanced, my only gripe is the platforming. Your character is so weightless that jumping and falling at constant speeds throw me off, and sliding down holes just big enough for your character to fit will take a bunch of tiny taps left or right to slide in. Maybe tapping down near those holes could allow you to slide down the walls below you.
Otherwise, great game!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

I'm glad you had fun even with these issues :) Pretty fair feedback

Good game but at the part where it tells you to glide up the wall when I jumped across I got glitched into the opposite wall and couldn't escape. Also found when I was using the arrow keys that it would move the soldiers including a dead body.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Hey, I don't know how to do multiple answers to be honest so I deleted the old one, we fixed the moving soldiers issues and we made a fix in the wall. Thanks a lot for helping out with that!

I like the overall (:

The gameplay need just a little improve so this can became a masterpiece!
The graphics are really good (less is more )
The music is amazing!!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks a lot! This game was made for a game jam so the lack of time might be the reason we couldn't polish the game to the maximum, but your comment is really nice, so, again, thanks! :D