Reviews for "Code Red"

i enjoyed it a lot!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks! We really did a huge effort on it

it is a awesome game
can you make more
or make it for the phone i like it so much
it is my new favorite game (:
thank you for making it.
but can you fix the eating it won't work some time.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

We'll of course keep making games, stay tuned for more ;)

Nice. A cool little platformer game for this Ludum Dare game jam. A interesting, yet gruesome story and fitting music. The game runs pretty smoothly and it's relatively easy to catch on to it but it does become difficult as the levels goes on. The theme of "One Room" is approached slightly differently but I still liked the overall design of the game. A few little niche things were lacking like an achievements system and a save slot, but those can be understood due to the time constraints.
All things considered a solid game that deserves a top spot in the Ludum Dare. I featured the game on my first spot on my Ludum Dare Let's play: https://youtu.be/94P_eRsIcRA . Good luck and make even better games.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks so much for taking your time to feature us and for enjoying so much the game! We are very happy that you had a good time playing it!

There are some movements bugs but i like the story and i LOVE the aesthetics so far.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Could you please send a bug report to Oultrox about it? He's right in the Credits & Info! Thanks for loving my work and enjoying the story :)

D'awww, that ending... Nice game, though!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks so much!