Reviews for "Code Red"

awwww I love this game, I like the ending

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks for loving the game! <3 We did our best for it

Cool aesthetics and a good grasp of the power fantasy here. My main issues lie in the mechanics/controls/feel, without getting into specifics of the level design:

-the jump is so high and fast that it's hard to keep presence of mind (at least when the button is held down). I'd say lowering the (maximum) jump height and speed would help immensely.

-the slash move propels you forward while in the air. This might be ok if the levels were more built around it, but the fact is, if the character stays in place when slashing on the ground, it's extremely disorienting when it suddenly moves in the air. This also isn't helped by the fact that most of the turrets require a jumping slash to destroy.

-It would be nice to know right away how the scream move works. I was just spamming it, thinking the squares represented my scream "charges". I also think it would be beneficial if the button for it wasn't so close to the others, as a little slip of the hand can cost you health. It's radius is also vague, so I ended up wasting it on just a few guys a few times. Increasing the size of the "particle effect thing" to reflect it's range would help.

-Taking hits isn't as big of a deal in this game compared to others (since there are scientists to eat), so this isn't a HUGE issue, but often the enemy placement forces you to take hits, or at least it seemed that way. I guess it makes sense if you're going for a more desperate feel, but due to the music and the design of the creature, this feels like more of a power fantasy. (nothing wrong with that, btw.)

-a minor thing, but the doors to other areas kind of just look like walls.

Still, it was very fun to play through, and is impressive given the amount of time you put in to it, and considering it was your first game jam. The sound design complemented the feeling of power well, although at times I felt the music overshadowed it a bit too much, the combat, while basic, felt good, and the simplistic, yet sharp art direction contributed to a sort of cold, sci-fi atmosphere. Keep it up!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

We're glad that you had fun with the game even with the things that bothered you :) We'll definitely keep it up, thanks a lot for enjoying the game and giving us fair feedback about it.

Control are awfull

VeryEvilTomato responds:

If you could give me more details in PM about why you didn't like the controls I'd be happy to read it! Sorry if we couldn't do better it was our first jam game

The controls are awful and the grabbing is too precise but otherwise a fun game

VeryEvilTomato responds:

I'm glad you had fun with the game and if you could pm me about how they could've been better controls I'd be thankful!

Really good game but when i close my browser and then start the game again it brings me back to the start.
Can you please tell me what to do?
And when i right click there is no menu.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

The game has no saving because it's really short, it's only 2 levels, I'm sorry about that, it was made for a game jam, I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game though! :)