Reviews for "Code Red"

This game is really fun. I wish you would expand on it though add more lvls and maybe we could play as different monsters. I know this is just me saying that but I think a lot of people would like it!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

You're not wrong, quite a considerable amount of people have mentioned that the game should expand. We really appreciate the comment and we'll definitely think about it while we work on another game in the meanwhile. Thanks!

Excellent game! I really liked the ending and the pixel art (at least for me) was is very enjoyable and I didn't run into any bugs what's really great. The only problem was that sometimes it would freeze but I think my computer is to blame for that one. An overall great game without any outstandingly bad glitches or bugs. Hope that there will be more stuff like it.

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Oultrox did work a lot on every bug the community gave feedback about, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game <3

Best game

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks a lot! <3

Definitely a nice game, especially if it's a game Jam product.

I don't think it's intended, but you can actually finish the game without killing anyone, which is a fun thing to allow in this type of game.
I suspect it's even possible to do it without breaking turrets
I liked the not-too-in-depth story. I think it speaks for itself pretty well.
not sure if people are busting the door open or if the whole place is exploding at the end though.

Controling your moves mid-air, especially during wall jump is kinda hard (actually i couldn't pull the wall grabbing mechanic in an easy and consistent manner, probably because of the required press on UP)
I don't really know of there is a fixed pattern in the attack rythm of ennemies, i really liked their IA even if basic (they can stop when they see you, waiting for you to come) but i sometimes felt shooting ennemies were shooting instantly when jumping right in front of them and i had no time to react.
against hordes of ennemies i could either mash the jump and get out without a scratch, or get kicked to death in an instant. this lead to strategies where i might just go full retard die and retry until i get no damage.
Lastly I didn't understand that the white squares were your health, it took me a few deaths to realize it, it could be clearer.

Hope the critics help you improve in any possible way, should it be this game or another
Really cool, and keep up the great work

VeryEvilTomato responds:

Thanks a lot for the fair feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game, programmer added some hotfixes for movement and climbing, and in some situations the scream is the best way to go (With big groups), really sorry if some issues bothered you like health not being so clear :).

It's a nice game I love the ending but please add more!

VeryEvilTomato responds:

It was a Ludum Dare game so that's why it's short on content, really glad you liked it so much!