Reviews for "Code Red"

great game, nice visuals and music, and a great and heart wrenching ending! I just wish it had more content and wasn't so short. a solid 4 and a half stars from me

Code Red was my favorite game before signing up for Newgrounds. I love the art, animation, music and combat in this game. This game should be the blueprint for all great games.

This game was absolutely amazing. Gameplay was great, graphics were good, kinda retro. This was the best game I have played in a while, and I do not dought this game will find it's way to the popular section.

Great game! Love the art style and the tight controls, and the fact you can eat people!

Good action game, fun gameplay, nice visuals, adequate music, interesting story, the ending was nice and cinematic. The game is too short for me to give 5 stars, but it's solid 4 stars. If this game were any longer it would need some more stuff trough to not get repetitive and boring, like some additional abilities that the character unlocks (evolves) during game and additional enemies and obstacles, maybe bosses. With the existing amount of variety of 4 different encounter types (scientist, stunner, gunman, turret), the game ends just when it should trough.