Reviews for "The killer is in this room"

This was awesome! I had it wrong the first time, because I was looking for complications where they weren't, but damn, it's great! Working medals would be good, but hey, it's not key to the story.

i caugh the murder at random

Short but sweet, easy enough clues to understand, and knew what to do after I saw the instructions. Got it right on my first try. Medals didn't register, but I know you're working on that issue.

Good game.

Nice and requires very logical thinking. Though there were a few minor bugs. Maybe add a 'Press space to continue' at the start of the game? It confused me on what to do at the start where I was presented with 2 person.

t4upl responds:

I considered adding a note but I thought that if player was forced to press spacebar to continue from title screen it wouldn't be too much trouble to press it again. We will see if more people will point it out as problem.

Just a thought, but nowadays cops try to focus on facts instead of why which, I suppose is a good throw off in this game.