Reviews for "The killer is in this room"

Figured it out first go. Had to restart the game to get the final medal for getting it wrong. Rated low due to lack of any attempt to spell check and for the lack of thought put into the clues. As many others said you only left the dog hair clue as a red herring when there were many clues that could have easily been explained away such as the cigarettes having been planted by the wife or the cook wearing gloves ect. It was decent for what it was which is why it even got 2 stars, but I can't see giving it more than that. Better luck on your next game.

I do enjoy these puzzles that really get you thinking, but granted this was just too easy. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but you can just pick a suspect, if you're wrong, choose return and pick another. Repeat until you get it right. I bet if you forced it to end after picking wrong and made some kind of randomizer for the problems this would do great. Good effort

the resolution is too big

Stuck in a never-ending loop with the first suspect, asking the same question with no way to back out. Is there something I'm missing here?

t4upl responds:

use arrows to change questions

Weak and unappealing to the player.