Reviews for "The killer is in this room"

good game, but I honestly have no clue why mr green was the killer

t4upl responds:

Check the solution.

i liked the game and it was a cool style, i think that if you could be capable of doing better images you will do amazing games.

Good, but the judging portion is a little off. Three tries seems to give people a little too much of a chance to just guess.

This is a decent entry for LudumDare.
However, this solution isn't that convincing. How skeptical should we be when we deal with the clues?

The solution itself claimed that the dog fur is a red herring.
Couldn't the cigarettes also be a red herring? A non-smoker could have planted them to mislead. Couldn't the lack of fingerprints also be a red herring? The cook could have used gloves.

It seems that apart from the businessman not being able to lift, none of the clues are watertight.

I liked the idea of the game, but I think it is a bit too simple. Maybe it could become a detective simulator, if there were more cases, more advanced questioning, and a way to gave some suspects lieing. The first time I pointed the cook, because I imagined he was lieing, as everyone said that he smokes but he denied, so I belived he was nervous and lied. But overall, I liked the game, interesting and pleasing, with a few more cases, deeper investigations and more specific questions for the suspects, it could be a really good detective game.