Reviews for "The killer is in this room"

Just a thought, but nowadays cops try to focus on facts instead of why which, I suppose is a good throw off in this game.

This is a decent entry for LudumDare.
However, this solution isn't that convincing. How skeptical should we be when we deal with the clues?

The solution itself claimed that the dog fur is a red herring.
Couldn't the cigarettes also be a red herring? A non-smoker could have planted them to mislead. Couldn't the lack of fingerprints also be a red herring? The cook could have used gloves.

It seems that apart from the businessman not being able to lift, none of the clues are watertight.

i caugh the murder at random

good game, but I honestly have no clue why mr green was the killer

t4upl responds:

Check the solution.

Stuck in a never-ending loop with the first suspect, asking the same question with no way to back out. Is there something I'm missing here?

t4upl responds:

use arrows to change questions