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Reviews for "Loop Hell"

A well made game overall, although the character moved a little too slowly for me.

A few things I missed the first time through. They should be helpful for anyone having trouble:

1) The article in the in the desk changes every time.
2) Remember the order the numbers flash in.

A very well made game , I like how it really loops things over and over again if you keep doing things wrong.

axoona responds:

thank you, glad you liked it :)

Lovely art style and fitting music, that melting device looks right out of Myst.

However there's little done to mitigate the inherent monotony and repetition in the gameplay. The character moves abysmally slow for starters. Some simple visual flair could have worked well in spicing up the cycle, just little differences in the room each time you come through, and the article clues aren't nearly rewarding enough to figure out considering most players will probably have to go through the room eight times at minimum, with one simple mistake adding another four.

if just feels cheap when a puzzle can be figured out immediately and then you have to watch the character slowly go through the motions of solving it, or when an arduous process slows down your ability to experiment to the point where it's no longer appealing to do so. Character movement should be like a direct conduit for player thought, not a hindrance to it. I think there's something good here and it could just be the time limit holding you back but there's some questionable design too, there's a thin line between giving the player an obstacle and inadvertently placing an obstacle between the player and the game.

Never did get out of the room since after a few cycles I lost interest, so the overall puzzle could have much more complexity than I'm giving credit for. I don't know if it's intentional but in subsequent cycles the melted objects and the quadrant they correspond to would change, extremely frustrating as that whole cycle is rendered moot thanks to something I couldn't predict, and at times when I would use the quadrant on the circular panel it wouldn't actually appear on there and I'd get stuck at 3/4 quadrants placed with no more items to use, don't know if that's a glitch or if I just couldn't figure out what to do next.

axoona responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review!
I really appreciate your point of view.
The only thing I can put forward to defend repetitiveness of the game is that this really is hell and the character is being punished to loop in there for ethernity, so it needs to be annoying.
but I agree with you about the thin line, and this was obviously the risk of the game, but I decided to test where it is positionned
otherwise there is no randomness in the game, once you "get" the solution you do not need to redo the game again to get the code, I don't know if it's a consolation of any sort...
anyway the 3/4 quadrants was indeed a glitch so thank's for pointing this out so that I could correct it.