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Reviews for "Loop Hell"

Hmm... an interesting little submission for the Ludum Dare Game Jam. The game fits the theme spot on, with the same room looping over and over again(although it's maybe somewhat cliche). The controls are relatively simple to get to and you easily figure out what to do, but as you have to keep repeating the room over and over again, it becomes kind of repetitive. The texts could've been more worked upon. After many redo's the character does feel a bit slow and I also seemed to misclicked quite frequently which made me spend more time on it. The achievement system was a nice touch, but it seems that the ending is slightly more complicated as I have yet to figure it out. Still it's a nice game, and I have featured it as my forth game in my Ludum Dare Let's play: https://youtu.be/94P_eRsIcRA . I hope you can continue making even better games.

axoona responds:

that's a cool gameplay video! I really enjoyed it :)
(tip: the articles are important ;)

The player moves rather slow, the text is really uninteresting, and it's so repetitive I almost didn't try to finish it. I also can't help but notice that this has already been done by Submachine: The Loop. Looping through similar rooms, using a machine to escape, and almost exclusively item collecting puzzles are all used in that series. It's unfair to the player that they have to go through the room for one full loop before you tell them the order, and having to redo EVERYTHING after one mistake is ridiculous in a game this boring

i liked it but what a cop out ending

Overall a really good game, with music and art style being its strong points. Just two things to consider:
1- Character movement is painfully slow, even for a small room like that.
2- If I click in the middle of a sentence, it should let me read the full sentence, not just make it dissapear without showing it.

axoona responds:

I've just corrected both points, thank's!

Very good idea but not fully developed a grade of repetiveness could be a charateristic but like this is excessive