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Reviews for "Death Moon"


Yes! Finally the real Shk is on NewGrounds!

Wow, this...

I'm just gonna start off by saying "wow!" You made the song sound less cluttered and jarring and more clearer and better sounding to the ears. Not that I didn't like the original, believe me I did!

I do hope you get scouted soon though. I think we've had enough fakes in both the Geometry Dash community and the Newgrounds community, and having such a well sounding and awesome track on newgrounds by the real SHK will certainly end that.

Speaking of scouting, I've already scouted you, so hopefully my little submission helps out a little!

Finally, welcome to NewGrounds, SHK. You have been wanted :-D

Amazing! Sounds remixed which sounds better than the last! ;D

SHK, you absolute legend. I've seen your work before and it's absolutely phenomenal. I am so elated to see you finally moving to Newgrounds and uploading your music here. What better way to celebrate it by uploading the amazing Death Moon?

There's nothing wrong with this entry at all! I don't see a single thing that could be worked up upon!

Not scouted? That's not a problem here! You have now been scouted by me!

Bless your soul, and keep making great music! :D
-Sydney "Kirbyrocket" Henry