Reviews for "ROMP.FLA"

Madness never fails to amaze me.

I'm glad I'm not someone who's fond of sleeping .

The true meaning of "YOU ARE BETRAYED" in this animation means that we have been betrayed of Madness Combat 11. It will probably NOT come out.

cool video but please make Madness Combat 11!!! i have been waiting 6 years for it!

This is very painful to say, due to me being a madness fan since the beginning but i feel like people are losing interest and faith in madness I mean look at the amount of content that has being released for it this year and last year and just look at the views on this movie and compare it to the others maybe if you didn't make a 3d pointless sequel to a game that nobody plays anymore the madness combat series would get you more fans as well as more people getting motivated to do madness again just my opinion don't get offended i would be happy to see your responce