Reviews for "ROMP.FLA"

Yay, preloaders (i think they where called like that) and blowtorches are back, anyways, i loved it.
Also, Apatheticcly, of course this isn't canon, Deimos died, remember? and Sanford was fighting alongside Hank.

I actually liked the morbid ending for some reason. Good work.

Hopefully this is not canon to the main universe but just something to give us to filter our impatience for either Madness 11 or PROJECT NEXUS 2, if not so then I am just sad.

Yo, Krinkels can you PM me your VCAM? like the fla. (Hoping That it works for Flash8)

Man that was surely a awesome yet creepy episode of madness. Still one the best action animation ever made. Great work.