Reviews for "ROMP.FLA"

almost perfect but too short

This is great! You are improving your animations every time you upload.
Keep up the good work!

This Is Incident:1001A With New Characters?
PS:This Is Cool Movie,I Want MSCG (Madness Scene Creator Game) On This

I am not particularly happy about the ending but it was creepy and sweet.

The traitor faces and gestures were hilarious.

Good and detailed action, I particularly like how that one guy shot himself while trying to pull out a gun from his face.

Anyway, returning to the ending, I would have liked it better if they would have kicked the crap out of that smug evil Star, I hope Hank avenges them in a future episode.

I kind of want this as a "Challenge" or "Survival" mode in upcoming Nexus Project 2. So sinister, I like it.