Reviews for "ROMP.FLA"

Nice to see you back and making Madness stuff, rather than the trillions of low quality ripoff merchants that infest the Portal nowadays. Nice music and plenty of action, probably not quite at the peak of earlier work but still well worth a view with plenty of the classic violence that NG was made on.

Krinkels is back!
I did not expect this!
Now I'm just waiting for Madness Combat 11!

Damn! This is krinkels, 2.0

Another great animation :D

I really like how you make simple enemies look way more unique by giving them scary characteristics or just different things about them, kinda like you did when you made tricky a skull monster and stuff. You pulled it off very well in this episode by making the enemies have creepy smiles on their faces with teeth and things, I think that adds a lot to the feeling of the animation :)

Uh, Merry Christmas? I guess I was just expecting something more like that. I love this as always. It's been too long since you've submitted something. It got slow in some parts. As if anyone doubted this would win Daily Feature.

It's great to feature Sanford and Deimos. The music is great too. I especially like the guy who shoots himself with the gun impaled on him. It's hard to tell if these guys have faces. I guess they do just sometimes.