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Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

It's decently polished, but a lot of things are missing that were the factors that made Punch-Out great mainly the very distinct clarity regarding whether an opponent can be hit or not, clarity on whether you can keep attacking or not, and even the fact that blocking or dodging locks you out of other actions. Honestly though, the original Tyson fight is pretty BS as well, so it's not like you aren't being faithful. Also it's a minor gripe but not including the TKO system is a really a big oversight.


Ok... where i start?

The game is wrong so many levels, im gonna make a list about the mistakes:
1: The original punch out have a diferent block system, you don´t block the 100% of the damage and you need to press again when you block a hit, in this game you can hold the block option and be practically inmortal (except for the special attack)
2: The music is annoying..
3: The shaking screen when you hit make hard to play the game, seriously, this game need a option for turn off the music and this shitty effect
4: The game don´t have "tired system" so the game lose complexity, and only is block, punch 2 time, and dodge the special attack and GG
5: Less effect what are present in the original punch out (Really a flash game in 2016 have less detail than a game made in 1984?)
6: The time continue without care about the player or the enemy get KO, that make the game more difficult, but at the same time, if you get KO and you don´t get up before the 3:00, you gonna be inmortal in the next round, winning the game in a easy way

when the game loads it doesnt seem to lete me play even if i spam the enter key

Cant deal with the controls... if it was a controller yeah it'd make since, but its a keyboard... punch buttons should be right next to each-other and dodge should be left and right keys, as well as forward for high punch etc... Seems like a solid game, but unless its on a controller i cant unlearn years of PC gaming...(Customized controls woulda been perfect)
Could also use a sound/music mute...
Can destroy Punchout on my NES but cant rap my head around you controls...