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Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

There are two differences from the original game. First, the Health Meters started filled white before emptying to black. Second, after one boxer knocks down the other for the third time, the Referee (Mario) immediately awards a Technical Knockout (T.K.O.) to the boxer left standing. Implementing the second feature allows a player to retry from a loss more quickly, unless there is a way to get back up after a third knockdown…

Like the original, it is all about visual cues. Ducking/blocking is useless against an Uppercut but can protect you from a series of Straight Punches when you are unable to dodge. Your opponent(Tom Fulp) scowls as he punches straight and returns to a grin when he stops. He also winks at the start of each round and just before he rears back for an Uppercut.

I keep using the super upercut when trying to get up

You should create some full version, with other newgrounds mascots, and then tom fulp is the final boss, this is fucking great by the way, it has a modern feel to it while still remaining classic, this is basically perfected, please make a full version.

Mate.. I hated every second of it, but when I knocked the fuck out of Tom... the satisfaction was a blessing on my soul. Thank you for this game! Great job! It was worth playing this 8 time in the end...

The best I could do is knock Tom down twice. His uppercuts are too strong.

deathink responds:

just like in real life!