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Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

WTF MAN?? I broke the fucking GAME?? I KILL THE FUCKING TOM FUCK!!? I donĀ“t know how

Pretty nicely done, especially for two days work. One thing that might've helped the game is if TKOs against the player didn't require a ten count -- that wastes everyone's time. I've never really played Punch Out, but once you work out a strategy it isn't hard to beat Fulp. That's good; that's how old school bosses work, and you nailed it. The music was a bit annoying, and it would be nice if the game could be scaled up to at least 2x, but again, incredibly awesome for 48 hours.

Haha, sometihng I've always wanted to do! :D I jest... but seriously I think I could take him.

So I hate to nitpick, but your first medal reference to Mike Tyson's rape charge is actually false. His name was dropped from the title after having lost his championship. His conviction came after.

Other than that, great game! Love the music! Haven't knocked Tom out yet, but I will!

deathink responds:

Wow, that was just a myth... fixed