Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

controls are trash heres what i think the controls should be
a left punch
s right punch
left key left dodge
right key right dodge
hold up and a or s for face shot
enter for super uppercut

im too used to the nes fixed controls rather than this...so i fuckingsuck, is what im trying to say here

Great game, but Tom's knockout blow is kind of unpredictable. He blinks for a fraction of a second and then you have another fraction of a second to spam A. Could be a bit more refined, there's no point to dodging to the right or blocking. You will die from the knockout blow anyway.

Also, how the fuck did you make this in 2 days?

every bit as hard as original punch out. Its well balanced, it was my pleasure to play this.

Cant deal with the controls... if it was a controller yeah it'd make since, but its a keyboard... punch buttons should be right next to each-other and dodge should be left and right keys, as well as forward for high punch etc... Seems like a solid game, but unless its on a controller i cant unlearn years of PC gaming...(Customized controls woulda been perfect)
Could also use a sound/music mute...
Can destroy Punchout on my NES but cant rap my head around you controls...