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Reviews for "PUNCH OUT: TomFulp"

Was this game designed to be a thinly veiled attempt to hide to how much of a hard-on you have for Tom Fulp? I mean I like challenging games as much as any gamer--who wants a game that you can beat with your eyes closed--but to make a game unbeatable?!?

I know it's been a L-O-N-G time since I played the Mike Tyson version of Punch Out and I know that if I tried to play it today I'd get my ass handed to me in some of the later fights but after a few (4 or 5) playthroughs I'd get back into a "rhythm" and cruise though until reaching "The Big Three: Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man and of course "Iron" Mike Tyson; and after a day or so I'd be able to beat them...again.

But, in this game, your punches do VERY little damage to Fulp whereas his take 1/4 of your health off in ONE punch and ONE uppercut you're down for the count; also, why in the hell does he have "rapid fire" punches and he's immune to damage when he's using them? I was watching the pattern of those punches, usually the throws 3, then there is a brief pause before he starts up again. In that short pause--if you're quick enough you can get in a punch--I tried and not once in the dozen or so times I played it did it connect; he didn't block or dodge it just didn't hit him.

I know that Ol Fulp in the creator of NG but to basically make any game with him it in unbeatable--anyone remember the game where players faced Tom's giant head and his beard--is a failure in my book.

deathink responds:

I apologize, I meant for my hard-on to be fully exposed, however, the game is very beatable. Thanks for playing and the review.

Woah, this game was good, the bot is pretty good, not just gonna just keep KO punching, also made in 2 days, I can respect that, the only bad thing is the music, everytime you getted KO'd you see sad little mac, with this energetic music in the background. But besides that it's a fun game, thank you for making this tough game.

Very nice work, especially for a game that only took two days to make. Tom was really tough, but I did eventually beat him after such a long time. The graphics are cool, and the AI on Tom is incredible! One of the few criticisms I'll make is the ending screen. I was so busy celebrating my victory that I didn't have enough time to read all of what it said. Still, this is really good, I'd say best of the month :)

Game is hard, but that's what makes it so much more satisfying

Top seems to have unlimited uppercuts that knock you down in 1 hit and he can do it over and over again.
Block you get uppercut instantly
Punch you get uppercut
come back from a knockdown you get uppercut