Reviews for "Carol of the Bells (Metalized)"

im doing a carol of bells remix to!

this is cool! i like it alot but it sounds nothing like mine with may be done in a fre days/ it is cool tho. i liked the kick drum. timing could use a but touching up!

KitsuMech responds:

I would love to hear your version, to see the different ways people can take this jingle. Drop me a line when you get it done please =)

Good Job

Woah, great job man. That was awesome. I'm thinking about using it in my Christmas Game if thats alright.

KitsuMech responds:

The only thing that I ask if you use my stuff is to make sure that I'm properly credited for the music. Other then that, I don't care what anyone uses my song(s) for. =D.

Thanks for reviewing too, I really appreciate it ^^

i like it

very good song but how did you get it metalized?

Metal all the WAY!

Lovin this metal. Just mabye more drums. YEAH!

Honestly, 10 years later this is still my favorite cover of the song