Reviews for "The 3 Little Bastards"

Great animation, I loved the early 1900s film style and I only saw one recycled clip! You're the first person I've ever followed and I loved the general concept! I like how it was a parody of the three little pigs and it was just absurd and hilarious! Please don't stop animating!

studiodenny responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, i did loop a few shots and started reusing more animation towards the end cause i just wanted to get it finished and out the door. Dont worry, i wont stop animating, im just getting warmed up. im using these short cartoons so i can learn and one day (in the next 5 years or less) make a feature length cartoon, i already have the script done, i just need to learn how to make it now.

The sterotypes were hilarious. :D Big-nosed Jew selling straw? Seems legit!

That 3rd brother was a fucking badass, though. He was like "I got this" and I was like "He is about to tear them to pieces!"

Nice old school style reminded me of old Disney cartoons. This needs to be on the Disney channel. Put Donald Duck in there as the 3rd brother and watch him go to town on the bastards that swindled Goofy and Mickey. :P

This review is gonna get flagged, man. Gonna get flagged. :( Better read it quick.

I'm putting this in my favorites. I just love it and the expressions make me laugh so damn hard. I hope you make more of these, or maybe something else as cool. I bet this took a long time, but I can see this being like twisted versions of each fable and fairy tale. ^_^

Well that was stupid.

studiodenny responds:

thats ok, you are outside of my target demographic so it would make sense that you wouldnt like it.


studiodenny responds:

Thanks for the stars!

I have no idea what I watched, but that was very entertaining.

studiodenny responds:

lol, i love the responses i get on my cartoons here, you guys/gals are the best. Very happy to hear you enjoyed watching my toon. just wait till the next one comes out.