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Reviews for "Hey, are you up?"

love it, really defines an acid trip lmao

You managed to capture the feeling perfectly here.
Takes me back...
The animation is also pretty good and the punchline made me laugh.

I really like what you did with this. I really like the animation mixed with live action footage thing. Even though the cartoon was trippy, it didn't go too far out there to the point where you sacrifice jokes, so good on you for that. Can't wait to see more from you man!

Hmm... Not bad. I just think that the realistic background interfreres the cartoonish characters.

So it was all about the back! Took a while before it all fell into place. What a trip. Thought it was about being alone, not being able to sleep, freaking out, going insane... nice way to bring it all back to reality at the end there. This is where he is. Interesting mix of animation and real too.