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Reviews for "Hey, are you up?"

Loved the aesthetic. Great job.

damn man loved this. first off i love the animation. but more importantly you captured the exact words and thoughts that i would say and think when staying up for days on amphetamines. why is no one up its only 430. shit i hope i dont get mugged. shit i hope i look normal. not saying doing drugs is a good thing but its a real world fact that some people abuse them and this animation captured quite accurately what goes on in someones head when on certain drugs, particularly amphetamines when someone stays up for days on them. well done sir work of art i must say.

Incredible work!

I'm not personally a fan of the trippy backgrounds but that's personal preference and applies to films and stuff as well, it's not specific to this, and besides I understand that it's key to the piece overall.

The character animation was mind blowing, would I be right in thinking it was drawn with pencil and paper? If so, that's a lot of work and I'm really impressed! :)
Not only that but by the looks of things your understanding of animation and weight / physics in animation is fantastic! Even on the little things like the phone being thrown against the wall - it just looked perfect. Well done! :D

pretty trippy. i like the animation and i can relate to this bcuz drugs haha

Love this Dude! it really reminds me of a 2016 bakshi piece !

Fantishow responds:

That's exactly the feel I was going for! Thank you so much