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Reviews for "Jumpy Ape Joe"

Simple yet super fun game! Good job! ^^

Very fun game. Proves that simple mechanics can be the best!

It`s a good game. :D

There are some fantastic ideas here. I love the progression, fair learning curve, and the addition of the star bar at the top so there's no question as to why you got the amount of stars you did. This is a great game for anyone with a few minutes to kill or an hour. At no point did I feel like a death was cheap, I knew immediately it was my poor timing and instincts that cost me a life. All in all, the makings of a great game. Keep it up.

That final level took quite a few tries, but I made it! :D Overall a really fun and stream-lined jump-around game, with plenty of variation in the obstacles and enemies, and appreciated character variation along with the stars. It's easy to play, and easy to replay and move through levels, and easy to enjoy. Overall a good dose of harmless fun for all ages. Nice game.