Reviews for "SOMNIUM"

This is so 90s.

Yooo, this was so ill. Animation is smooth and the action scenes were boss. Love the work/commute/kids/wife metaphors too.

That soundtrack = flawless victory

Nice job guys great stuff you created here look forward to more

Wonderful piece of art here - I didn't even notice the time passing by.

From what I could tell it seemed like a metaphor-heavy, long day; fighting through work, turning into a road demon, the unbeatable wife. The animation and music coupled it together excellently, not mentioning the 'relatability' helping form a connection to the work itself.

The one problem I had was the minor art-style changes throughout the video, like the wooden door leading into the dragon's den, or when the protagonist first got into bed. Other than that, the animation was wonderful, Desmond.