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Reviews for "The Legend of LUST - 1st alpha instalment v0.8"

This is an excellent start i must say, already better than most other games of this nature. I can't wait to see where this can go.
also your musical choices are odd but they are unique and i think will grow on people


Hi childoftheforgotten,
thanks for the great rating.
For the coming month we plan to fix up bugs and glitches. Once that is done we will start working on the final trial battle and Hottie's 1st playable sex scene.

Love the music choices, and general aesthetic of the game, became a patron and can't wait for more! :)


Hi horizondota!
Great to hear that, we are glad you like it and that you have decided to support our work.
We will be releasing the Patron version which features some hot extra content, next week so stay tuned ;)

I say this in every review, but for the love of god PLEASE GIVE US AN OPTION TO MUTE THE DAMN MUSIC! Other than that, quality game fellas, keep it up :D


Thx for the rating Dark, eventually we will add that function, this being the 1st alpha it lacks a lot of the extra little functions. The PC inbuilt audio control is a good option for the moment.

unfortunately the game is all black
i tried to refresh the page many times but it didn't help
hope you have figured out how to solve that problem


Strange... testing now.
Test went well, game is visible and runs fine on our end. Is there a specific scene that doesn't work or is it the whole thing? Do you have an extremely slow internet connection? Are you lacking the latest flash player?
oh and PS. have you tried to view it on our website? If here it doesn't work and on our website it does, it would be great if you could let us know.
Hope it helps

it will be nice to have there save and load possibility


Dear AlbiD,
thx for trying our game and taking the time to write a review.
The save load will be added probably once we hit installment 2. So the idea is to come out with various installments each of which will have several updates/upgrades.
Thx for the great rating ;)