Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

excellent game, but please publish some breakthroughs, i'm stucked!

solarVagrant responds:

There will be one posted in a few days!

Well - wow. You won my favourite here. I haven't played the first game but this one is excellent. All the puzzles have a pretty logical solution, the artwork and characters are cute (and a bit sinister, with the whole 'treatment' angle) and the story has enough loose ends to keep you guessing.

Just about done with it. Figured I'd throw some praise your way before I finish it and close the window.

Great game. Definitely going to go back and play part 1. Not too hard to be frustrating, just challenging enough to be rewarding. Definitely intrigued by the story. Fantastic, sir/ ma'am/ dude/ lady/ anything in-between.

Keep em coming. This was really fun.

I'll give you an Easter egg advise.

After you finished helping Aert go back to the factory get some bucket of water then give some water to the robot wearing red t-shirt in the bar then after he gave something to you go to the park use the item on the chicken statue the go far right you'll find a door then you will meet someone!

Hope I helped!

This is one of the best games I've ever played in newgrounds, it was challenging and the telephone was humorous.