Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

This is a fantastic series. Door2 is every bit as good (better?) than the first one; I love the style, the storyline (great writing too!), game play, music, atmosphere... the works. I even love that you provide a text based walkthrough, so that players can get exactly as much of a hint as they want. I appreciate that.

Thank you for making these games. You've done a fantastic job, and I hope you're pleased (you should be). I'm totally hooked; please tell me there's plans in the works to continue this series? Regardless, this is a fantastic game, and I've enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your time, effort, and creativity.

I love the title screen music so much I've been leaving this tab open so I can listen to it while I'm studying.

solarVagrant responds:

You have AstroKid to thank for the title screen music! After hearing the track for the first time I remember thinking "Ah crap, this music is too cool. I'll never make a game this cool."

I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying the games. :)

I wanted those boots...

It took me a bunch of tries to think of how to stop Cork but it was satisfying to see it end like that.

Sidenote: The hitboxes in the factory were confusing but it barely matters anyway.

for some reason this reminds me of undertale with the style and memorable music. Then it reminded me of how messed up everyones views on life are. Thats why its nt 5 stars and only 4.5. 5 star game but reminded me of undertale which got me thinking so...

I wish there was another ending. I'd rather not put that thing in the mailbox. I don't trust the telephone guy. He seems like maniac, control freak person to me. Good hands? Right...
Anyway, I'll miss this city. The robots are really nice. (Clove is my favorite.)
P.S. The game is great. Music, art, story, hardness. One of the best things I've played on newgrounds. Looking forward to Door 3.

solarVagrant responds:

Same. I wouldn't trust him with the thing either.

Clove is my favorite robot too. :)

earthbound reference. wink wink. nudge nudge. ;)