Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

Such thoughtful design and charming story! Keep up the awesome work!

Name of the game seemed to have double meaning/dirty joke hidden in it but it was not at all the case LoL. The fact being it is excellent and very smart game made in old school RPG style, totally worth a play especially if you love the classic RPG.
Really would love to play the sequel, hope the creator doesn't lose interest and leave a great RPG series hanging before completing the great storyline like many of its predecessors with great potential.
Either way kudos and thanks to the creator/s.

Just about done with it. Figured I'd throw some praise your way before I finish it and close the window.

Great game. Definitely going to go back and play part 1. Not too hard to be frustrating, just challenging enough to be rewarding. Definitely intrigued by the story. Fantastic, sir/ ma'am/ dude/ lady/ anything in-between.

Keep em coming. This was really fun.

As perfect as it can get. loved it.

The game was great. Actually I tried it a few days ago and closed it because the story seemed a bit too long and I wasn't used to the controls, but today I decided to play it and it was amazing. I love adventure story games like these. The dimensional world is soooo cool. The puzzles are fun and the way the items and rooms are set up is so that everything is included with no loose ends. My favorite type of game.

The music and sound effects were perfect, as was the story and characters.

Really great game. 5/5. I look forward to the next one and am about to search for the previous game.