Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

good game but in the walkthrough it says speak whi the robot whit green clothes she will take the objects bla bla bla but i come back and she says the same thing about theres no proof of humans

solarVagrant responds:

That's a different robot. You're looking for someone else.

I vaguely remembered playing the first game, can't believe I nearly forgot about it, but it has been a while. Glad to see the story isn't dead though! The puzzles are pretty straight forward, the environment ever-so mysterious as always, and the gameplay is nice and smooth. But it still feels like its lacking a sense of depth, and maybe that's the reason I didn't remember the first game as easily as others I've played. The concept is certainly fresh, and I am curious who exactly the guy on the other side of the phone is (and now what that mysterious object was and how it affects people's life status). But it really doesn't seem to reach beyond mild curiosity. There just isn't enough mystery or depth to the story to really leave me craving more. Not saying I don't want a third installment, because I do want to see how this story continues, I'm just not pacing impatiently and losing my mind over it as I have with other game series.

I eagerly await the next chapter installment, and I hope the story and plot will thicken as it continues.

Great game, but I've encountered a problem: when I try to flip the switch that reverses the direction of the conveyor belt, it keeps saying it's unresponsive.

solarVagrant responds:

Initially the controls are disabled. You have to figure out how to get them to work!

amazing game!

also amazing

Played the first one when it had just come out kinda. Definitely worth the wait for this sequel! Looking forward to Door 3, keep up the good work!