Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

Was very angry when browsing the inventory, I picked "exit" instead of "continue", thinking that it would close the inventory. I was wrong, and back at the menu, without anything asking me if I wanted to save before, and left with the only option to start the game over. Please input an asking window when the player hit "exit", to save his game, because it's very frustrating, especially for such a good game as this one.

solarVagrant responds:

Hmm, yeah, I can see there being some confusion about that. I'll update the wording for the exit option.

(Sorry about taking so long to reply, I've been busy with holidays stuff.)

Amazing, challenging and with a decent plot!

Sweet! Good puzzle game - I only needed the walkthrough once - and I loved Little-Endian Street and such :)) And the option to fast-forward after messing up is very considerate. Walking around does get a bit annoying when the player gets stuck against gears, boxes and such. I'd love to see part 3... In the meanwhile, off to play part 1!

This is exactly the kind of game I've been craving for a while, so fun! Most of the puzzles weren't too hard to figure out, the graphics and characters are super cute and the writing is witty~
I was so impressed by this one that I stopped halfway to play through the first one, I must admit I'm pretty curious about the story now, very excited for future installments!

Some additional things I liked:
How the phone has a face, really gives out mysterious caller a personality
The adorable robot designs
That freakin vending machine
And that easter egg ;p