Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

AH! Very nice. Thrilled to see a new chapter to this game. Thought the degree of difficulty was just right. I got stuck for a bit but then found my way. The puzzles were balanced too. Overall , I enjoyed my play-through and what a mysterious ending! Looking forward to Door 3

Well - wow. You won my favourite here. I haven't played the first game but this one is excellent. All the puzzles have a pretty logical solution, the artwork and characters are cute (and a bit sinister, with the whole 'treatment' angle) and the story has enough loose ends to keep you guessing.

I love the jokes, in this game. "Does anyone know why we keep laying these notes around for others to read?"

Unable to pull the books from the bookcase, and being kicked out of the house, lol. 5/5

excellent game, but please publish some breakthroughs, i'm stucked!

solarVagrant responds:

There will be one posted in a few days!

Been itching for this game for so long! Super psyched!

This one's a bit character heavy compared to the first game's sheer isolation. It took me a minute to be ok with it, but it really works. The characters are charming enough to maintain my interest and help the environment nicely. I had hoped for a longer game, but it's definitely enough and is considerably longer than the previous installment. Good job! Music's nice. Gives it a good touch. Graphics seem to have adjusted a bit. A little less of the Earthbound flavor it seems this go around, but the style suits the game to a T and the animations of the moving parts are flawless. I bet there was a considerable amount of work put into the art assets.

The mystery takes a bit of a side-step while the game plays out. I noticed the drop that the phone-guy is human on the other line (not a spoiler. It's a side note in the first few minutes). The puzzles were clever. Simple enough but I had to check myself a few times at the end there which made me happy. Wouldn't want to game to be too easy!

All in all an excellent job! Now I have to sit on my hands waiting for the next one! Hopefully it'll come out a bit quicker, but I don't mind waiting for a piece to be this well-polished either.