Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

Nice game, love this puzzles. I'm stuck with easter egg, help ??

solarVagrant responds:

Here's a hint for the egg- where does an egg belong?

The first game that I've rated five stars.

It has a great concept, interesting story, and a perfect balance of difficulty.

Time to play Door 1!

Amazing game, just as good as the first one! I hope door 3 doesn't take as long as 2 to be released. Looking forward to it.

Awesome adventure puzzle game. I beat it, I actually spent the time and beat it. You're lucky no one posted a walkthrough, I had to do it the legit way, using my brain. :D Awesome game and I cannot wait for the next one, totally worth the time!

I got totally stuck! Maybe some hints could be useful, especially in the final part of the game (how do you save the robot without be noticed?!).

solarVagrant responds:

Here's a hint: don't worry about being noticed. Figure out a way to prevent anything from happening after being noticed.

I also plan to have a walkthrough posted in a couple days that should help.