Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

great game, i really enjoyed it. i found a small bug if you care. after aert ties his shoes and runs off, if you stand next to the tall metal machine he was in front of and press action, you'll get his dialog box about him tieing his shoes. totally inconsequential, but i thought id just throw it out there. looking forward to door 3 and thanks for making the game.

solarVagrant responds:

Oh crap, huh. I should fix that. Thanks for catching that bug!

Really loved this game, I guess my next step is to play door 1 and 3.

This game has a lot of fun puzzles in it and isn't too hard (which can put me off playing puzzle games sometimes). I also liked how it wasn't too long and kept full focus on the story at hand.

Wonderful 2 hour spent (I think? Didn't count but I do know that I've spent some quality time). This is excellently made, and much longer enough to feel as a stand-alone game compared to part 1.
(How did I even miss part 1? Just a couple minutes in this I went there and finished it just so I can catch on)

I have found 3 small bugs for you:
1.When you attempt to use the belt WITHOUT the hook, the response reads
"There nothing attached to the belt to grab the...etc" -- A " 's" is missing, as in, "There's"

2.If you attempt to use the Wind-up Car (on thin air), the response reads
"There's nothing here that works with this key" -- If where this occurred matters, I noticed this message in the room with 2 giant running wheels, before I actually used it on one of them.

3.In the room you're locked up, the box with "Fastener Monthly" re-seals itself every time you re-enter the room.

If I have to be really, really picky... I'd say the music leave something to be desired. Not to say they're bad, they ARE good, hope you get what I mean.

Keep up the good work! Hope to see part 3 soon.

solarVagrant responds:

Blargh, I thought I had caught all the remaining bugs. Apparently not!

Thanks for pointing them out, I'll push up a new release with them fixed shortly.

Great game, but I'm stuck after finding Spring. I couldn't find anything else.. :(

Really liked this game! Puzzles were the correct balance of difficulty, which is hard to achieve in these kinds of games.