Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

Nice! Also liked most of the music! Only pitty you can't use box cutter to get a slice of cake ;-) And I am not even allowed to distinguish the fire on the bookshelf! Doesn't he know how dangerous this is?! Can't wait for the sequel. Also funny robot story. Pitty real humanity probably wouldn't do that...

solarVagrant responds:

Oh! I never thought of using the box cutter on the cake. Maybe I should put that in next game...

Great game! The dialogue was fun to read, and even though there was not much of a story, it certainly was entertaining. The big plus are the characters, who have nice distinct personalities, fears and probably dreams. The idea is good and as of now, well-executed. There is room for improvement and I hope that in our next installment you elaborate more on them.

I'm hoping for a big series of those, as I enjoy such adventure games in general. Don't fall in the common trap that every episode is cut off from the previous one. I would enjoy as a returning player to see more friction between the characters we already have, and possibly a shady backstory for the police department (mind control-esque), but I might be getting carried off there.

If you had more puzzles or they were more complicated, some parts of the story would not seem so linear. Also if there were sidequests besides the main story that would provide more backstory on the robot society, it would definitely be another interesting part for the story you want to tell. I like how the robots realize at some point it's a bit weird to leave notes here and there. Perhaps journals or hidden reports from human infiltrations would be nice to see.

The music was alright. It does not really need intense music, since it's a peaceful robot-world, so it was fitting. If you decide to include other branches of the story or weird sidequests, you guys should pay more attention to that in order to build tension or help relax.

Overall I give this 4/5 because the effort was too good to give the negative points much attention.

the game is realy fun, its a bit cheleching at times bit thats fun. but i think the dialog can be a bit long some times.

sorry for my spelling, english is my second langwitch.

Great game but I found 2 more bugs.

1: Before returning to the factory after saving Aert you talk to the phone one more time. If you press z where the phone is earlier in the game then a dialog box appears and it says "the line is dead."
2: When you stand at the part of the machine where the big robot crashes into it before he does then a dialog box appears that says "whoops"

Looking forward to door 3

solarVagrant responds:

Man, thanks for catching these bugs. I appreciate it!

I'll push up a new patch shortly. With this one there shouldn't be any more hidden object bugs popping up.

I'd pay for a full release game. Say, on Kickstarter.
This is really, really good. Art design is great, audio is great, even plot is alright. The characters feel very alive (despite most of them being bots, see what i did there), the world is believeable and likeable.
This would be an amazing demo or something, even. Let's hope you have bigger plans for Door 3.