Reviews for "BackDoor- Door 2"

game is amazing. i found your easter egg too.

This game is so amazing! After some time, I have observed that other games within newgrounds are quite boring to play. They aren't like those other series that piqued my interest but as soon as I found your game I once again have something that I can wait and enjoy. I'm looking forward for the upcoming door 3 and more. I wish we can all play them soon and also thank you for entertaining us!

Great little game. Very immersive and some good puzzles. Characters are interesting enough and the the plot whilst not amazing does enough to keep you engrossed and wanting to progress through to the end. will definitely be checking out number 3. Only reason this game didn;t get the full 5 is that the music is somewhat annoying.

I love the art style of the game remind me of Pokemon, but in the game boy. Like the dialogue of the game and the music. I enjoy part 2 more because I could use items on people. I look forward to this series if you keep doing it sadly I never play part 1 of this game or even saw it until I play this game and enjoy it so much I play part 1.

Awesome game! For anyone wondering about the Easter Egg, remember the guy in the Bar who wanted some water?