Reviews for "A Good Deal: No Evil 022"

aw now this was a nice light episode! loved it, Noodles! can't wait for some of the deeper plot to reassert itself!

The dialogue is stiff and so is the animation at times but the art is fabulous

Man does this raise some questions about how spirits are generally raised, or at least what the situation of the younger main characters is. Especially since the winter episodes I recall where Calamity is a kid, she's with the other spirits... not amongst humans. How does their age work for that matter, Corn seems only a bit younger than Kitty when they're both kids, and then Kitty seems /way/ older than him dressing him in a poppy coat. What happened? How do spirits even come to exist anyway?
And also a Tialoc statue, cool!

In any case, the Jackalope round up was pretty cute. But, jackalopes are cute on their own, so of course it was!
"Have you tried something you're good at? I find you don't have to do as much pretending that way!". Savage, Paula, my goodness xD

Woo! Jackalope rodeo! That was great! Icky being kinda blase about the roach was kinda funny too, seems he doesn't much care for being back in his home-town!

Now that's a nice story.
Can't wait to see the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!